Using Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Using Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs 

The bed bug's worst enemy is heat. By exposing bed bugs to temperatures 120°F or warmer, they and their eggs will die in less than a minute. If you want to eliminate bed bugs from your clothing, for example, placing them in the dryer and running a full cycle on "high" is an effective method. One of the best ways to rid an entire house of bed bugs is to take advantage of extermination technology that will raise the temperature of your home. Unfortunately, keeping your AC off and opening the windows on a hot day simply won't cut it. To see real success, you should call on a pest control expert to provide this special heating technology.

One of the reasons why the dryer is so effective for killing bugs on clothing is that it allows for constant circulation, exposing every part of the clothing to the heat and leaving no cool space for a bed bug to survive. When your home undergoes heat treatment, objects within the home will need to be rotated and turned over during the course of the treatment, so that bed bugs can't escape to the cooler crevices and corners that aren't getting as much heat. This heat distribution is paramount, but ordinary persons cannot expose themselves to a home that's heated to 120 degrees without getting hurt. This is why you should hire a trained professional who is equipped to handle this scenario safely, with the proper protocol and technique.

Do not attempt to treat your home on your own. We have heard of people renting heaters and using propane as a fuel source, which we highly discourage. These methods post great health risks. Leave the treatment to professionals, and you will see greater results without risking your safety.

When looking for a service provider to treat your home, make sure they are qualified. Ask them what temperature they will use to kill the bed bugs; you're looking for them to say something around 120 degrees. Ask if they use monitors to oversee the temperature; they should be monitoring every area of your home to make sure the heat will kill the bugs in every area. The heat treatment should last for a minimum of 2 hours and, ideally, 3-4 hours. After the job is completed, you should ask the service providers for a report of how they heated the home and for how long.

Things to Remember:

  1. A heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to exterminate bed bugs.
  2. If you have a home infestation, it is vital that you hire a trained professional to apply the heat treatment to your home. Using heat treatment on your home is NOT a DIY project, because it poses great risks to your health.
  3. Double check your service provider's work by asking them what their approach will be and by asking for heating records. Remember, your house should be heated at about 120 degrees for 2-4 hours.

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